Race Night: Revolutionary.

Meet our tote system.

Cloud Based

No servers, set up or spreadsheets. Just open the app and go on as many devices as you need.

Pay As You Go

Twice a week, once a year or anything in between. Pay only for what you use. Still cheaper than paper tickets.

Fully Branded

Your company name, your client's event name and their sponsors' names appear throughout.

How it Works

RaceNightSoftware.co.uk presents the service you need to run a professional Race Night tote in a sleek, professional and accurate way!

Before your event, simply enter the race night into the intuitive browser based Control Panel, including event sponsors, race sponsors and horse sponsors. You can set the payout ratio and price of each race individually and set up special games like Tricast and Dual Forecasts.

Once the event commences, start the app and automatically download the race card for the evening on as many devices as you need. Bets can be taken on any of the event's races at any point during the evening (and any winning tickets to be paid out at any time). This flexibility means customers can enjoy the evening any way they wish while tote usage is maximised (no more separate 'tote table' and 'payout table'!)

Before each race commences, a slide showing the runners and riders is automatically generated and available to the MC on the big screen. Tote operators simply need to tap the requested horse names the required number of times (one tap for one ticket, etc). Any combination of bets for a given race can be loaded onto a single ticket, minimising the amount of paperwork left over to clear up after the event! The ticket is printed on a super-fast thermal printer and automatically perforated for the convenience of the operator. Tickets are branded with the name of the event and race sponsors, and include a security QR code with a unique serial number.

Once the tote closes, the tote will be automatically calculated and the payouts will be available on the big screen. As soon as the winner is declared, winning tickets are activated for payout.

Tickets which are submitted for payout are scanned using the app device camera and validated. The amount owing is clearly displayed on the app. The ticket is then deactivated, ensuring it cannot be reused for fraudulent or mistaken payouts.

At the end of the event, clear analysis including graphs and charts are automatically produced showing the betting activity throughout the evening. A financial summary can be printed so that any monies can be reconciled.

You also have the option to allow customers to deposit money at the tote (or allocate 'fun money') and play along using their own phones (using just a web browser). Winning tickets are deposited automatically, allowing any winnings to be withdrawn from the tote at the end of the event.

iOS and Android Friendly

Print Tote Tickets in the blink of an eye with our free apps for iOS and Android. We support Google Cloud Print, AirPrint and Star Micronics (over Bluetooth, USB and Ethernet) printers.

Big Screen Beautiful

Powerpoint no more, with big screen graphics rendered automatically so your audience knows exactly what is going on. Show sponsor names, odds and more.

Play Along Online

Say goodbye to the long tote line. Let your guests deposit funds with the tote desk and then play along using their smart phones. Payouts are made automatically into their accounts and can be cashed out at any time. Fewer queues, less small change, more opportunities to bet. This also works well for 'fun money' events.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What do I need to get started?
  • You'll need an Android or iOS device and a compatible printer (Star Micronics model or Airprint capable) per tote terminal required. We recommend 2 or 3 terminals for most medium sized events.

    Our recommended configuration is that both should be connected to a 4G router for the most reliable connection when working in venues other than your own.

    We recommend that a laptop is used for displaying our on-screen graphics in combination with your race DVD playout.

  • Does this system require an internet connection to work?
  • Yes. In order to allow seamless networking of multiple tote desks, online play-along and no hassle setting up master/client networking, we do require an internet connection.

    While almost every venue now has Wi-Fi available, we recommend travelling with a 4G router for the most reliable and independent set up.

  • What printers are supported?
  • We support and recommend the Star Micronics TSP650 series, but for smaller events not requiring fast printing speeds, any AirPrint/Google Cloud Print compatible device will work.

    We also support Star Micronic's line of Bluetooth printers for the ultimate in portability.

  • What games can the system run?
  • By default, the system is based on WIN only tote betting, supporting races of between 8-12 runners. There is also the option to create additional games based on these races - 'daily double', 'dual forecast' and 'tricast': these can be a great 'grand finale' for your event. The cloud based nature of the service means we can add new games if required.

  • What opportunities for branding are there?
  • Your name, as the race night operator will be displayed prominently throughout - on the control panel, tote app and player website. There is also the opportunity to list event, race and horse sponsors which will be displayed on the on screen graphics.

  • What currencies are available?
  • Any currency symbol you desire can be used, by default you have a choice of £, $, € or § (for fun money).

  • How much does it cost?
  • Our system is based on credits. Each race created will cost one credit. The price of credits varies depending on the volume you buy at a time, but prices start from just £2 each, meaning that you could stage an entire event for less than £20.

    Payment is accepted on our secure control panel website from all major credit cards. Credits do not expire, meaning that whether you are a full time race night provider using the system multiple times per week, or a club staging a DIY race night once a year, the system is affordable.

    Get in contact with us today for an account - you can always create races in 'demo' mode which demonstrates full functionality up to a limit of 10 tickets per race.

Smaller Event?

If you're not ready to leave paper tote tickets yet, check out our super simple Tote Calculator app for the easiest way to work out your tote payouts.

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